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Adosat Career Program-ACP

ACP is a 100% job oriented course, specially designed for job seekers in the field of Engineering and Technology. ADOSAT’s main motto is to shape the life and career of our younger generation and to extract the best out of them. We are at our best in this program as we know the corporate world like the back of our hand. We can find out in what level our trainees are in and what kind of job will be suitable for them. We find out the interests of our students and train them accordingly to make them get their dream job.



A professional career does never starts with a smooth baseline, which every student dreams for. Internship is such a middle path that allows the student to accommodate himself to the struggling phase of his about to start working life. A student being actively involved in any kind of internship is likely to gain the maximum experience of his lifetime in terms of learning and eliminating the primary mistakes in future days. We at Adosat provide internships that will induce in you the technical know-how, team work and other workplace necessities. All your ideas and inputs will be taken and incorporated. The best ways to spend your semester holidays is attending internships and enhance your resume.



We at ADOSAT also undertake the final year projects and mini projects for engineering students in the civil and mechanical streams. We also provide authorised IEEE projects. We do not make the entire project and give you hints to present them but we guide you through every step of the project. The motto of working on the project is to explore new technology and gain some knowledge out of it. Hence we provide training classes. The kits, and software that are required for executing the projects are all available with us and we will glide you through the project comfortably.


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