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Android The future of android is the future of everything.

A professional career does never starts with a smooth baseline, which every student dreams for. Internship is such a middle path that allows the student to accommodate himself to the struggling phase of his about to start working life. A student being actively involved in any kind of internship is likely to gain the maximum experience of his lifetime in terms of learning and eliminating the primary mistakes in future days. We at Adosat provide internships that will induce in you the technical know-how, team work and other workplace necessities. All your ideas and inputs will be taken and incorporated. The best ways to spend your semester holidays is attending internships and enhance your resume.

The Android market would be beaming with lots of opportunities in the nearby future. You will be surprised to know that in 2012, from the mobile users across the globe, 60 percent of them were using Android based mobile phones and now the figure has grown to 85 percent. So, if all of you want to see yourself as the developers of the future generation and at the same time are not interested in becoming a web app developer, start learning the most powerful thing of the present and the future.

  • Internship program tailored with most practical sessions
  • An assured comprehensive gain on the subject knowledge
  • A certificate of Internship from ADOSAT for every completing participant
  • Internship certificate verifiable through our website
  • Limited participants only

Type Lesson Title
History of android
Introduction to android os
What is android?
Android versioning
Android development tools
Android Architecture
Android studio Installation
Working on Android Studio
Structure of Android Project
OOPS Concepts – Inheritance, Polymorphism
OOPS Concepts – Interfaces, Abstract class
OOPS Concepts – Threads, Java Swings, Layout Managers
OOPS Concepts – Overloading and Overriding
Activity – Activity Life cycle ( Callback Methods)
Activity – Fragments & Fragment Life cycle
Intent and Intent Filters
Content Providers
Broadcast Receivers
Introduction to Layouts and Design
Layout Manager and different Layouts
Design the material design screen
Design the screen by using library
Basic Material design
SQLite – Database Usage
Application Design Guidelines
Working on Gradle
Knowledge about Gradle and maven
Rest ApiJson
Integrating Json
Working With Server
Complete FireBase technology
Google Repositories
Google support Libraries
Google cloud Messaging
Google Maps
Google Authentication Integration
Google Playstore
Google admob
Mini Project
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