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MatLabMulti-paradigm numerical computing platform

MATLAB is called the 'Language of Technical Computing' for a reason. It has a variety of uses in the field of communication technologies such as signal and image processing, communications, control systems, and computational finance This course introduces the benefits of using MATLAB to electrical engineers involved in the simulation and analysis of power systems and power electronics circuits. More explicitly, this course will demonstrate the advantages of using MATLAB for analysing power system steady-state behaviour and its capabilities for simulating transients in power systems and power electronics, including control system dynamic behaviour.

Type Lesson Title
Introduction to MATLAB
More Complicated Data Structures
How to deal with Matrices and Arrays in MATLAB
Creating Scripts in MATLAB
Plotting Commands
Flow control Commands
User defined functions
Functioning and use of predefined functions
External Interfaces (serial Port)
The MATLAB Desktop
MATLAB Programming
MATLAB Editor and Debugger
Introduction to Simulink
Operating Principle And Management of Simulink
Solving Differential Equations with Simulink
Interaction with MATLAB
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