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MYSQLDesign, implement and program

MySQL is the leading open source relational database management system and is extensively deployed around the world. Gain the skills needed to administer and maintain MySQL databases.

Type Lesson Title
Getting Introduced to Database Management Concepts
Working with Relation Calculus
Explaining Relational Database Design
Practice Exercises on Normalization and E/R Diagrams
Getting Acquainted with SQL Server 2008
Performing Some Basic Query – I
Performing Some Basic Query – II
Performing Some Basic Query – III
Performing Some Basic Query – IV
Working with Functions
Working with DML Statements
Working with DDL Statements
Using Views
Using Indexes
Advanced T-SQL: Programmability
Using Stored Procedures – I
Using Stored Procedures – II
Working with Trigger
Working with User-Defined Functions
Handling Transactions – I
Handling Transactions - II
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