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Seminar, Workshop & Spoken English ”We build awesome Programs for your Excellence! Don’t miss out to join us today”


Do you need experts to address your institution? We are the ones to be approached for sure. We have tie ups with renowned companies, to officials and experienced from all the fields possible. We can arrange seminars for your students in short notice. Our speakers are people who have their profession running in their blood and their experiences are something that none of the textbooks can teach. They will be the best source of motivation and inspiration that will bring about a change in the students.



College students are the main target for our workshops. Adosat’sWork with Workshops program deals with both technical and behavioural skills. This W-w-W are placed where experience and expertise plays the main role. Going beyond the horizons of textbooks and making something innovative is certainly a measure to improve an individual in practical terms. Workshops held at regular intervals do perform the same motive for a student. Being exposed to these practices makes him more prone towards learning and getting better with each session. Continuance of studies and workshop on a parallel note can configure various academic highlights. It is always a nice option to exercise the textbook tools with technological knowhow. Students attending our W-w-W can demonstrate their capabilities and can further more update their knowledge through such platforms.


Spoken English program

Good communication is the need of the day. Even the strongest of technical geeks will fall short at work place if they do not have proper communication skills. The most important yardstick for good communication is confidence. Language, pronunciation and all other criteria comes next. We instigate in you the confidence and comfort for communication. Training will be given on spoken English and team work. We have three levels of English training Basic, Intermediate & Advanced .Based on the level of students we customise our courses. We also have unique modules designed & tailored especially for working employees &housewives who can learn and speak fluent English from their place.


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