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Soft skills training

Be it a corporate world or a students’ world Soft skills plays a key role in every individuals career. If technical skills are requiredto receive an interview call, soft skills help convert the call into a job offer and also for further career enhancement. For engineering and manufacturing sector, as in any other type of jobs, besides technical skills, the management is keenly looking forward to a distinct kind of skill in its potential employees. Whatsoever role you may be looking forward in your organization, possessing strong soft skills can put you a step ahead in the competition and make you a true professional. Adosat caters for all areas where soft-skills are demanded, Includes Corporates, Colleges, Schools etc. All our programs are tailored to suit the different set of participants.


Faculty development program

With the phenomenal changes in educational and information technology, the role of a teacher has undergone dramatic changes. He/she is expected to possess skills and abilities to plan the curriculum, make rational use of the media technology, and design an assessment strategy. This is possible only through a systematic approach to faculty development. We at Adosat, design faculty development programs that are intended to initiate, infuse, and sustain changes in targeted faculty, and furthermore, it will enable the faculty and the institution to create an enriched environment that addresses the increasing complexities of present day education.


Train the Trainer Program

Whether you are training pre-schoolers, teenagers or adults, you can't just explain a topic to your participants, and then expect them to "get it." Training is more than just simple transference of knowledge. You don't just open your mouth and deposit knowledge into the participants' brains. You have to know how to organize that knowledge, properly present it in a variety of formats for varied participants’ who have different learning styles and preferences, and talk about the topic in a way that they can understand and learn from. You must also be able to design ways to authentically assess whether or not your participants’ have learned what you're trying to train them. If you are looking to break the ice and learn how to steal the show but aren’t sure how and from where to start, then our incredibly popular Train the Trainer Program is here for you.


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