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SOLIDWORKS Focus on fundamental skills and concepts key to ensuring your success with Solid Works.

SOLIDWORKS is the leader in 3D CAD technology, empowering product design teams with intuitive, high performance software that is easy to use, and provides the freedom to design products that set you apart.

Type Lesson Title
Introduction To Solid Works 2011
Solid Works -2D Command Line Emulator
Drawing Sketches For Solid Models
Editing And Modifying Sketches
Adding Relations And Dimensions To Sketches
Advanced Dimensioning Techniques And Base Feature Options
Creating Reference Geometries
Advanced Modeling Tools-I
Advanced Modeling Tools-II
Editing Features
Advanced Modeling Tools-III
Advanced Modeling Tools-III
Advanced Modeling Tools-IV
Assembly Modeling-I
Assembly Modeling-II
Working With Drawing Views-I
Working With Drawing Views-II
Equations, Configurations, And Library Features
Working With Blocks
Sheet Metal Design
Surface Modeling

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