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VLSILeading edge of the application-specific integrated circuit

VLSI Design is also growing at an exponential rate in India and the vast pool of talent and growing domestic market has helped the country to emerge as an important center for chip design.Hence the widening gap between demand and supply of skilled professionals for embedded systems and very large-scale integration (VLSI) design reinforces the need for industry-specific training to aspirants in this field.

Type Lesson Title
Introduction to Digital System
Combinational Logic Design
Sequential Logic Design
Datapath Components
Register-Transfer Level (RTL) Design
Optimizations and Tradeoffs
Introduction to VLSI Design and Testing
Overview of Digital Design with Verilog HDL
Communications & fault finding
Hierarchical Modeling Concepts
Basic Concepts
Modules and Ports
Gate-Level Modeling
Dataflow Modeling
Tasks and Functions
Useful Modeling Techniques
Timing and Delays
Logic Synthesis with Verilog HDL

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